Jen, Farah, Traci, and Lety




Bryon and Farah

Kelly and Cammille

Before the Show

"Welcome to Lety's Art Show"

The Lovely Greeter Jen

Our Guests

Everyone Enjoyed the Show

The Food and Wine was Great

Jude the Cutest Baby at the Party

Just Relax and Enjoy the Show

Of Course he can walk

The Art Could be Found All Over the Home

In the Family Room

Also in the Family Room, Cosmo Girl

Dining Room, Sleeping Window Sculpture

Also in the Dining Room, Brick Woman

Downstairs, Una Mujer Un Hombre

Downstairs, Just Twirling my Hair

In the Dining Room, Sleeping

Everyone's Favorite, Flowers on Fire

Thank You for Coming Hope you Enjoyed the Show

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